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In this edition we look at the importance of thinking ahead and planning for the "just in case" situations life might throw at you. If you have an SMSF and are planning on living overseas then our article on SMSF alternatives is a must read.

We look at the definition of mortgage stress, share the experience of a young couple buying their first home and offer some practical tips for avoiding potential mortgage stress.

If you aren't quite ready to hang up the heels or boots then you may be the next senior entrepreneur and our article looks at what it takes.We also take a look at how annuities work in practice.

Want to give back but not sure how to? Our final article reveals the brilliant concept of "ShareGift".

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Ash Thadani

Have a plan – just in case

It’s an old saying but it will be forever true – “the only constant in life is change”. Whether it’s due to economic downturns, new technology or extreme weather disasters; no business, job or career will ever stay the same. 


An alternative to SMSFs

For those who decide to make another country home, superannuation preservation rules apply to most, but what about those who have a self-managed super fund?


Defying mortgage stress

Technically speaking, if more than 30 percent of your pre-tax income goes towards paying your mortgage, you meet the common definition for being ‘mortgage-stressed’ – and it’s more common than you think!


Do you have makings of a ‘senior entrepreneur’?

Many boomers aren’t ready to hang up the tools yet and are setting out on their own. Welcome to ‘senior entrepreneurship’! Could this be you?


What is an annuity?

The term ‘Annuity’ is often mentioned in the financial press or TV advertising, but what actually are annuities and how do they work in practice?


What a brilliant concept!

Did you know that there are over 900,000 Australians who own small parcels of shares that add up to in excess of $93 million? If you are one of these investors, you might be very interested in this unique service that will not only save you money but help those in need.