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Winter is here and the end of financial year is just around the corner. In this newsletter we kick off with some options you can explore before 30 June that could save you tax and put more money away for the future.

Our article on dollar cost averaging is a reminder about "time in the market" not "timing the market" when it comes to investing. We have also included an insight into the importance of estate planning when it comes to your debts. We take a look at Child Maintenance Trusts and how they could be useful for some families.

Set the tone for a productive, happy day with some healthy, morning habits outlined in our last article.

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Ash Thadani

Get ready for June 30 – NOW!

When it comes to getting the most (money) from your annual tax return, there is usually a lot to think about, so we’ve identified a few options that could open the door to some opportunities to save on tax.


Dollar-cost averaging: An investor's emotional circuit breaker

The latest bout of higher sharemarket volatility reinforces the potential benefits of a disciplined investment strategy called dollar-cost averaging. It can act as an investor’s emotional circuit breaker and a means to progressively create long-term wealth.


Who pays your debts after you die?

It would be nice to think our debts magically disappear upon death however, this is not the case. If you haven’t planned in advance, financial debts can have a significant impact on those you leave behind.

What is a Child Maintenance Trust?

When relationships break down, child maintenance payments are often made from post-tax money. If this is a position you are facing, perhaps you might be interested in learning about a Child Maintenance Trust.


7 Things Healthy People Do Every Morning

My alarm is set to the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. It’s impossible to not smile when this song plays. This, combined with the other habits below, set the tone for a productive, happy and healthy day.