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Footy season is over and it's only a few months until Christmas. If you have a financial to-do list that keeps growing, please contact us to arrange a review.

In our latest newsletter, we clarify the conditions of release for accessing your super early. And, although it's not a fun topic to discuss, we look at how divorce could affect your insurance cover.

Our article on gifting is a must-read for anyone who receives the age pension or who may become eligible in the future. The key is to plan ahead.

Have you ever thought about sharing your life's adventures with your kids and grandkids? We hope our article on writing your life story provides some inspiration.

And, your keyboard is hiding some nasty surprises. Our article provides some tips for keeping your keyboard clean.

If you want to discuss any of these articles or have any questions, please contact this office on 1300 667 529 or .


Ash Thadani

Early access to super

Many people get confused about if or when they can access their super, particularly when scams are rife in this area.


How might divorce affect insurance cover?

More than 45,000 Australian couples divorce each year, and almost half of those divorces involve children under the age of 18.


To gift or not to gift? What about your pension?

With Australia’s age pension being subject to an assets and income test, a simple way for part-pensioners to increase their pension payments is to give away some assets.


“In my day…” Writing your life story

They say everyone has a story to tell and researching the stories of our ancestors is now multi-million dollar business.


Do you know what's hidden in your keyboard?

As a writer, there is nothing more important to me than a good keyboard. Seeing as I spend all of my time typing, a keyboard with crisp action makes my life a lot easier.